Pink walls and a modern design make this small house stand out despite its petite size. With just 1 bedroom, it is ideal as a retirement home or for a couple just starting out. You can make this as your starter home while waiting to build your dream house in the future!

But this house is not just something you’d dismiss when there’s a better one in the market. Despite its small size, it looks great and has everything you need for a good home.

There’s a small porch at the front, with built-in benches where you can welcome your guests.

Impressive Design

Its impressive design makes this house be the perfect home for you and your growing family. The stylish frontage has nice rocks as accents on the posts while the pink tones on the walls make the place look so homey.

White frames are placed around the sliding glass windows and doors, creating a soft contrast with the walls. The same theme wraps around the house, though the back door is made of wood.

Stylish Interiors

This home could hold its own fort, easily matching much bigger homes in terms of having stylish interiors. The floors have wood-inspired parquet tiles while the walls are painted in white. The stylish ceiling can easily be a conversation piece.

The bedroom comes with a nicely styled wooden door. While it is small, the room looks great.

Small but Stylish Kitchen

As expected in this compact home, the kitchen is also small but it is stylish and functional. The L-shaped counters have built-in cabinets with brown doors. The countertops have granite while greyish white tiles are used on the backsplash and cabinet walls.

Even the bathroom is compact and nice, with white tiles that make the space look bigger. Accent tiles with lovely prints create a nice effect at the middle of the bathroom walls.

You can build this 1-bedroom house for Php800,000.