Small Wooden House with a Lovely Porch and Unique Front Kitchen

Are you looking for a unique house design? While this small wooden house looks simple and cute, it features a front kitchen that makes it different from most homes! Think of the fun you’ll have in cooking like you own a small restaurant, huh? It even has a café-style dining area on the porch, creating a nice ambience for dining al fresco. This house can fit one or two bedrooms, but you can always opt for bunk beds to maximize the space.

Of course, a front kitchen isn’t for everyone. If you feel uncomfortable with this kind of layout, it’s always easy to move this to the back area or have a section inside the house for the kitchen.

Simple but Cute House Design, Lovely Garden

This house might have a simple design but it still looks cute – and we love the accented wood used instead of a gutter along the edges of the roof.

A lovely garden with lots of lush greenery makes a great backdrop for this charming house painted in a light green hue.

Café-inspired Porch with Unique Front Kitchen

The unique front kitchen and café-inspired porch are sure to surprise your guests, but the just might love having some sweet treats and coffee while admiring the view of your garden.

This house even features some beach chairs and a hammock, creating a resort vibe.

It would certainly be fun to live in a house that makes you feel like you’re on vacation all the time.

Comfortable Bedrooms, Nice Bathroom

By putting the kitchen and dining area outside the house, you can have more space for the bedrooms. You can divide the rest of the interior floor plan into bedrooms or even opt for one open-plan bedroom, much like a vacation home.

The house also features a cute bathroom in brown and pink.

You can build this charming little house for more or less Php1 million.