Most wooden homes are kept in their natural color but that doesn’t mean you always have to go with the flow. This adorable wooden house has a multi-color design, painted in colors that make a beautiful contrast with the natural wood color at the middle.

This 2-bedroom home is perfect for a small family and features a charming balcony that doubles as the living room.

Just like many houses in the rural areas, this home is elevated and set on concrete posts to keep it safely off the ground. The walls and interiors are made of wood. The house has shiny wood floors.

Charming Design, Cute Colors

With its penthouse style roof, this house looks great even from afar. The exteriors are painted in different colors, creating a playful contrast that make it look interesting. The lower portions are painted in brown, with the lowest being in deeper mahogany color while the higher one is in natural brown.

The third portion is painted in a pretty pink shade while the highest is in teal. White trim unifies all the different colors.