Faced with limited space, you can still have a three-bedroom house without needing a huge lot. All you have to do is find a space-saver design for your house – and that’s what you get from this best house design that features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and ample space for the living room.

Bungalow 1

Painted in white and shades of gray, you can make this bungalow livelier with a splash of color in the furniture or pick a different color that you like better.

Bungalow 2

Entry to this lovely home is from the side of the porch, but this could be easily modified to the front by moving the stairs and the opening at the porch area.

As you enter this modern home, you are welcomed by a porch that can also wrap around to the other side of the house, if the view is great there as well. That would also be a perfect choice should you add a swimming pool or water feature at the back.

Bungalow 3

From the porch, the house opens to large double glass doors, with curtain panels for privacy.

Beside the living room are the bedrooms arranged strategically to make sure that every space is utilized.

Bungalow 4

This space-saver bungalow even has a compact kitchen that features granite-topped counters with a stainless steel double sink placed in front of a huge window. Washing dishes wouldn’t be such a chore as you gaze outside to enjoy the view.

Bungalow 5

Built in cabinets make use of the space beneath the sink and counters. This spot in the kitchen is perfect for a modern family who makes sure of modern appliances like an electric stove and breakfast makers.

Bungalow 6

The two bathrooms feature a splash of design and art on the walls by using printed tiles. Although not huge, the bathrooms feature a hot and cold shower that your family and guests will surely appreciate in this modern three-bedroom bungalow.