If you have a lot that has enough space for a big house, it is always a nice idea to build a bungalow. The spacious design of a bungalow is perfect for a growing family, with plenty of space for various activities. Plus, this kind of house is always a great place to live in, for people of all ages.

Set on a platform, this bungalow features a lovely balcony and beautiful interiors. If you are concerned about having stairs, you can opt to build this house at ground level.

This house is perfectly complemented by a beautiful garden and a lovely lawn.

Huge Bedroom

With only one bedroom, this bungalow is ideal for a small or growing family comprised of parents with small kids who can still share the room with them. With the huge bedroom, they can easily fit on the large bed.

As the family grows, you can add another bed as there is still ample space for that. Of course, you can always opt to split the space into two smaller bedrooms, instead.

The stylish bedroom has a high ceiling, wood furnishings, and antique display pieces.