Want to have an interesting house design that would wow everyone, guests and your family alike? Why not choose a split-level house that features huge glass windows, a modern roof, and two beautiful balconies? Check out this chic home that you’ll surely be going to love.

With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this superb split-level house is truly a great option for you and your family. The kids can have their own bedrooms or could share if you have more than two.

Split-Level House 1
Split-Level House 2

The welcoming façade of this lovely home features a balcony accessed by a flight of stairs decked in rock-inspired tiles that wrap around portions of the posts.

Split-Level House 3
Split-Level House 4

Enter this abode through the sliding double glass doors that you can cover with floor-length curtains for privacy at night. This home does not even have grills to mar the outside view from the inside.

Split-Level House 5

Set in the first story portion of this home are the living room as well as the dining area and kitchen.

Split-Level House 6

The stairs make use of concrete, wood, and steel for a stylish feel without sacrificing safety.

Split-Level House 7
Split-Level House 8

With three spacious bedrooms, this modern home also features two toilets equipped with classy fixtures.

Split-Level House 9
Split-Level House 10

The colors picked for this home is a matter of the owner’s personal preference, but you can change the white walls with colors you love better.

The huge kitchen features large sliding windows that provide expansive views outside. Cooking and washing dishes won’t be a boring chore for this modern home if you have a great view outside!

Split-Level House 11

Stylish wooden doors keep each bedroom private while built-in cabinets would make a great addition across the house.

Split-Level House 12

The design also features a balcony at the second floor where you and your family can relax. Keep the car safe at the carport that also offers access to the house through a wooden door.

Split-Level House 13

There’s also a laundry and utility area at the back of this beautiful split level house.