Searching for a modern house that has a carport and a second-floor area? This house gives you both – and looks so great, too. It features a split-level design with the bedrooms set at the elevated portion. It also has a carport at the lower deck that can fit two cars, though not side by side. This house also features elegant bedrooms.

It’s a contemporary house with a flat roof and lots of glass walls at the second floor. Of course, choosing glass walls can increase the value of your house, but it can also have a lot of privacy and safety issues.

In choosing this kind of design, make sure to find a trustworthy contractor who can ensure quality glass walls that will last for decades.

Porch and Entryway Design

The porch and entryway of this house looks too simple, but you can always upgrade the look with some accents of your choice. Sandstone or brick walls could easily upgrade the wall while some plants can make this spot look so lovely.

The sliding glass doors are huge and easily open to the spacious living room. You can always opt to add some privacy curtains over these doors, though that might not be necessary, depending on where your house is facing or if there are structures that can block your interior view from the street.

Beautiful Upper Floor with Glass and Concrete Walls

The upper floor of this house features glass and concrete walls that look great, even from afar. You can also enjoy the views around your house from this vantage point.

But this house design is perfect you don’t have a next-door neighbor with high floors that can let them easily watch your place. But privacy curtains can always do the trick.

This house could cost you at least Php2.2 million.