Built on elevated platforms with sturdy steel frames, this impressive split-level house has a contemporary design with lots of glass for added style. The bedroom is located at the higher portion of the house. Everyone can hang out in the elegant living room that comes with lots of sliding glass doors to open up the place.

A beautiful home to live in, this house features a lovely balcony with lots of plants in stylish pots that to the curb appeal.

With its contemporary design, this house is truly a great place to live in. Flat roofs are used over the structure while the floors made of concrete with wood-inspired tiles.

Modern House, Split-Level Design

A modern place with a contemporary split-level design, this house is a great place to live in for a growing family.

Glass is used liberally around the house. This creates a house that looks great and also feels larger because it has a lot of open spaces. The porch comes with beautiful wood floors.

Elegant Interiors

Oozing of elegance, this house features floor-length curtains at the living room and dining area. A comfortable couch is placed in the living room but you can also relax on the floor. A rug and some pillows create a cozy spot.

Compact yet stylish furniture pieces are used inside this house, allowing you to have a comfortable yet spacious home.

Stylish Kitchen and Dining Area

Set right beside the living room without dividing walls, the stylish kitchen has a tall dining table that matches the design of the side table in the living area. This bar-style table adds beauty to this spot while providing ample space for dining. It can easily convert to a working area.

The kitchen is compact, with space for modern appliances.

Beautiful Bedroom, Elegant Bathroom

This house features an elegant bedroom that comes with large glass walls for added style. A large bed provides a comfortable spot in the room.

Even the bathroom of this house looks so elegant. It features a stylish bathtub, modern fixtures, and lots of plants.

This grand house costs at least 3 million to build (estimated).