A warm split-level house with stylish design and an excellent floor plan that features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a beautiful hall, this would truly make a great home for you and your growing family.

It features a modern design that has flat roofs and boxy angles yet with features like a balcony at the master’s bedroom that makes it stand out in your neighborhood. Although painted mostly in grey, the house has an orange wall at the front part of the master’s bedroom.

As with other homes, you can use this as design inspiration and simply change the colors to the ones that suit you best.

Stylish Modern Design

This house was designed with both comfort and style in mind. The main entrance is through an open porch that has steel railings that match the ones at the balcony of the master’s bedroom located to the left.

The upper part of this split-level house features the bedrooms – and the walls as well as the floors of this area are made of wood, except for the part with the bathroom.

Gorgeous Interiors

Step inside this lovely house and admire the gorgeous interiors that feature stylish lamps and wood-inspired floor tiles. The living room has a huge couch that could even double as a bed when there are lots of extra guests.

The upper portion is accessed by wooden stairs. The shiny floors are made of slabs of wood in a darker shade than the bedroom doors.

Stylish Bathrooms

This home has two stylish bathrooms that are decorated in rock-inspired tiles. The floor tiles have honeycomb designs in black and white, creating a nice contrast with the rock-like walls. There’s a small sink in the bathrooms, with a mirror on top.

Beautiful and tall as it is, this 3-bedroom house was built for a budget of around Php2.2 million.