Set on 2 stories with split level design, this Thai style house features 3 bedrooms and actually has 4 bathrooms. These features make the house simply perfect for a growing family as there would never be trouble preparing for your daily routines.

Suitable for building in the city and country, this beautiful home stands tall and offers a lovely vantage point all around. This would be perfectly complemented by a nice garden or best built near the beach.

The central theme of this house is grey. The exteriors are painted in different shades of grey, with the roofs and floors tiles at the porch also in that color.

Stylish House

Standing tall, this house has a stylish design that easily appeals to the eyes. From the front, the second-floor portion appears to be a copy of the first floor.

But the house actually has a split-level design. The area with just one floor features the living room while the bedrooms are set at the part with the two floors.

Gorgeous Interiors

Because of its large space, this home is a great place to live in. There is ample space for various activities and you are free to decorate according to your style preferences.

While the exteriors are in grey, the interiors are in white from floor to ceiling. There’s a nice multi-bulb lamp at the middle of the living room.

This house features lots of huge glass windows and plenty of sliding glass doors.

Large Kitchen, Lovely Bathrooms

Also set in white, the kitchen is large and has lots of space for modern appliances. There are sliding glass windows on two sides, creating natural lighting in the kitchen. There’s a door that leads to the back.

The bathrooms are lovely; still retaining the white theme. One wall has grey diamond prints for accent while the rest are in plain white.

While the actual budget varies depending on a lot of factors, this 3-bedroom house was built for Php3 million.