This sprawling house features great indoor and outdoor concepts that you’ll surely love. There’s a big porch at the front and another at the back, with a dining set for an alfresco dining feel. There’s plenty of space indoors for a lovely living room and another stylish dining area. The bedrooms and bathroom also look fantastic.

Set on a spacious property, this house also has a separate carport at the front, some steps away from the house. You can always move this to the side of your house or nearer the entrance if space is limited.

Lots of greenery really upgrade the exteriors, but you can also opt for flowering plants or even a garden.

Spacious Porch, Great House Design

The open porch area doesn’t have railings, creating a space that easily extends to all sides. It’s low and just a step off the ground.

This spot would make a great hangout – and you can add some chairs and a table, too.

The house itself has a great design, with an eclectic design that uses modern features with some native vibe.

Beautiful Interiors, Stylish Indoor Dining Room

The large double doors are made of glass and wood. These open to the spacious living room with beautiful interior design. The ceilings are high.

Even with big space inside, this house uses minimalistic decorations to create a stylish look. The curtains are in plain white and mocha, while small art pieces brighten up the walls.

Simple lamps hang from the ceiling at the dining room, while the kitchen has an industrial feel.

Lovely Bedrooms, Great Outdoor Dining Spot

The bedrooms look lovely, featuring huge wooden beds topped with thick mattresses. Floating shelves also adorn the space. Like the rest of the house, the bedrooms also have white walls with some mocha accents.

The bathroom also follows a similar theme.

At the back is a great outdoor dining spot, with a separate kitchen, too.

This grand house would cost at least Php3 million to build.