It is amazing how a house can look so great and so much better than the original in the hands of experts.

Studio House Renovation Finished

That’s exactly what happened in this impressive renovation for a studio house that comes with a modern kitchen and a beautiful living space.

Set on just a small area, this studio was rebuilt over an old structure that looked worn out and boring. The renovated studio looks so elegant inside and out. There’s even space for a porch at the front.

House Frontview before

It is amazing how the addition of a modern fence created this spot for hanging out and also upgraded the house’s curb appeal.

Modern Design, Nice Fence

This house looks great, thanks to the nice fence added at the front.

The fence creates the spot for the porch while also adding security to this house. The roof looks stylish, too.

The wood door with stylish handles, creative windows, and artsy lights truly upgrades the façade.

Adding some plants would complete the look of this home.

Creative Interiors

It is always a challenge to design a house with limited space.

That’s why many netizens appreciated this studio’s creative interiors.

The living room looks spacious and has a small dining area that doubles as a breakfast nook and bar.

Many were curious where the bedroom is but it soon looked obvious that the living area simply converts into a sleeping spot when needed.

Artsy light pieces grace this area and elegant curtains make this space look so stylish.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Set towards the back, the modern kitchen features white cabinets with grey backsplash and black counters.

Modern appliances perfectly fit this spot and a nice set of lights illuminate the area.

The bathroom is set beside the kitchen. It comes with white walls and grey tiles, also looking elegant.

A house like this most likely costs around Php500,000 to build (estimate only).