Studio Type House (3 x 6 m) with Lovely Deck, Modern Design

Do you want to build a home but only got a small space? Don’t worry because you can still build one that fits your space requirements and budget. This house is just 3 x 6 m, so it can easily fit small lot spaces. Despite being tiny, the house features everything you need in a home, including a nice deck, modern kitchen, comfortable bathroom, and a lovely bathroom.

You’ll love this modern home with its contemporary design made with a mix of materials, including concrete, steel, wood, and glass. This kind of design is also popular with container van homes.

Modern House Design, Nice Deck

There are lots of things to enjoy in this home, especially with the nice deck at the front. You can add a bench for hanging out with friends or some chairs and a small table for enjoying a cup of coffee any time of the day.

Despite being tiny, this house has two doors. There’s a double sliding glass door at the front as the main door and another glass door at the side.

Contemporary Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

Because of its small size, this house has very limited space. But you can maximize that with a compact, open plan. There are no walls as division inside the house, but you can define spaces with rugs and carpets.

White house uses white walls to create the illusion of space. The furniture pieces are also in white. You can even opt for multi-function furniture in this kind of home.

Comfortable Bedroom Space, Nice Toilet

Pushed back towards the wall is a double bed that faces the flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. If you were to decorate the space, a minimalistic design can be your best choice.

This house even features a nice toilet that also has white walls and fixtures.

Overall, this house might cost you just around Php600,000 or less.