What can you build with Php1.6 million? Well, that depends on the type of house you want, where you build it, and the materials used. But one family was able to build a stunning 2-story house for that amount, with beautiful interiors, modern kitchen, small balcony, and an elegant bathroom.

The house stands tall at two stories high, but amazingly used up a smaller budget than you might have expected. Its owner explained that the second-floor walls actually use hardiflex (cement board) instead of concrete.

However, you can always opt to build this with full concrete, although that’s surely going to cost you more than the Php1.6 million they used to build this one.

Modern House Design, Lovely Home

Despite being made from hardiflex, this house looks fantastic. The modern house design includes having stone-inspired tile accents on the exterior walls, flat roofs, and glass windows with white frames.

There are also plenty of stylish accents and creative art pieces all over this home. The porch and the second-floor balcony are small, but they can still be a good place to hang out.

Comfortable Living Room

This home features a traditional living room with a comfortable 3-piece couch set where you can lounge in comfort while binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

Elegant floor-length curtains add style to this space, and you’ll love the other accents they used to decorate this home, too. What do you think of the lamp in the living room?

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Towards the back is a modern kitchen separated from the living room by a cabinet divider that you can also convert into a bar, instead. Built-in cabinets and L-shaped counters are used in the kitchen.

The nice bathroom features white wall tiles and fixtures, plus some built-in shelves on the walls.

The family who owns this place disclosed that they spent Php1.6 million to build this home.