Fancy a modern cabin in the woods or simply looking for a unique house design that would look great inside and out? This stunning 2-story modern cabin comes with a beautiful deck, lovely interiors, and space for a garage. You also have a contemporary kitchen and bar area, stylish bedroom, and comfortable common spaces for hanging out with your guests and family.

This house can be a great inspiration as your primary home, with some modifications needed if you have kids or elderly folks. It can also be a fancy vacation home or something that you can have built as an AirBNB unit for extra income.

Fancy Modern Cabin, Contemporary Design

In this fancy modern cabin, wood and logs are still the main features, but there are also lots of glass and steel to create a sleek look.

The wall of a section that hangs over the garage door is made of glass with a wood frame painted in white. The house’s white and brown combination also looks pleasing to the eyes.

Second Floor as the Main Section

In most homes, the main section is on the first floor while the second floor is reserved for the bedrooms and other private spaces. But it’s different in this cabin where the main section is set on the second floor.

It’s accessed by interior stairs that go straight up the beautiful deck. This spot would also make a great space for outdoor dining if the weather permits. The kitchen and dining area are also on the second floor.

Bedroom and Office or Study Area on the Ground

The bedroom is set on the first floor. You can also convert some sections into a home office or study area.

But you can also opt to use the space for the living room into a bedroom so that the one currently used in this design can be used as a garage.

Because of its materials and design, be prepared to spend around Php2 million for this fancy cabin.