Searching for a modern house design? Look no further. This stylish home can be a joy to live in, thanks to its spacious living room, lovely atrium, and three stylish bedrooms. It even features a study area for the kids and a modern kitchen with sleek appliances.

This house looks fantastic from all angles, thanks to the mixture of different materials used to create a stylish design. Although primarily made of concrete, this house also features lots of glass and some wood.

The exterior walls are painted in light grey that matches the darker grey roof. At the front is a huge carport with a contemporary style. Sliding gates ensure that nothing blocks your way.

Modern Home, Lovely Atrium

It’s really the lovely atrium that’s the main selling point of this house because it upgrades its curb appeal and makes the house look so modern. But the carport is also a good addition because this spot can also double as a deck or extra space for hanging out and entertaining guests outdoors.

Elegant Interiors, Nice Floor Plan

Having grand exteriors isn’t enough, of course. It’s also important to make the interiors look great, especially because you’ll be spending more time indoors than admiring your house from the outside.

This house fits that bill as it features elegant interiors that you’ll surely love. The spacious living room features stylishly mismatched furniture pieces, creative accents, and a soft carpet.

Stylish Bedrooms with Elegant Accents

It’s impressive that all the bedrooms look stylish, each with different styles and themes. The kids’ bedroom even has a house-like bed plus a study area with kid-sized furniture.

Even the bathroom looks fantastic in this contemporary home. Like the rest of the house, it’s built with a mix of different materials.

Depending on the final size and materials you’ll use, this house could cost over Php2.5 million.