With its sloping flat roof on the main portion of the structure and a translucent thatched roof at the front, this house looks lovely. The modern design perfectly matches the look of this boxy blue house with accents that add curb appeal.

Set on a platform half a meter high, this house has a commanding presence and would look fantastic no matter the location, whether in a rural spot or a modern subdivision. The porch area is more of an extended entryway than a spot for hanging out but there are plenty of spaces for you to enjoy in this lovely home.

Stylish Exteriors, Beautiful Side Design

One wall of the house is more stylish than the other, making this space also perfect for this home since this side faces the street. Large glass windows grace the walls while different materials are also used for accent.

Towards the back, the walls are painted in grey with white horizontal stripes.

Elegant Interiors, Great Floor Plan

This home features huge sliding glass doors framed in black that match the styles of the windows. The living room is huge, with a lovely recessed ceiling that features a nice lamp in the middle. One end of the large hall is a space for the dining area.

The hallway at the middle of the house connects all the bedrooms as well as the kitchen towards the back.

Spacious Bedrooms, Nice Kitchen

The 3 bedrooms are spacious, with light grey walls and white baseboards. The doors made of wood.

Towards the back is a nice kitchen with glossy black tiles as backsplash and a small hood over the modern induction stove. One side of the kitchen features a wall with sliding glass windows to keep this space airy and fresh.

There are 2 bathrooms in this modern home, one with a grey theme and the other in a mix of grey and brown. This 3-bedroom house was built for a budget of around Php1.8 million.