In choosing a house for the family, having three bedrooms is always ideal. This provides plenty of room for the growing family, plus the third bedroom could always become the guestroom for small families.

This stylish 3-bedroom house features a great design that’s set on a platform for a higher perspective and better privacy for all dwellers. Entrance to the house is from the lovely porch.

Perfect for a medium-sized family, this house has an excellent floor plan that features a spacious hall, compact bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Large glass windows don’t just let natural light in but also add beauty to this modern home.

Nice Exteriors

This house has a grey and orange them on the outside that actually creates an elegant appearance, with the orange posts and accents creating an interesting contrast to the otherwise grey exteriors.

The railings on the porch are made of stainless steel, adding elegance to this home. This home also features extra-large sliding glass doors.

Beautiful Living Room

With its parquet wood tiles, large glass windows, and large doors, the living room is a beautiful place to hang out in. The rooms are white for a more spacious appearance while the recessed ceiling features an interesting design.

The doors to the bedrooms are made of wood, all painted in black for added elegance.

Gorgeous Bedrooms, Stylish Bathrooms

Rooms are gorgeous, with the same parquet wood flooring and white walls as the living room. Huge windows let sunlight and fresh air in, opening up the space. You can opt to add grills to the windows for added safety.

The kitchen is small but reliable.

The two bathrooms in this modern home have stylish designs. Both have mostly white wall tiles but with accent tiles that make the space look beautiful. Both bathrooms have enough space for a full shower but there is no partition between the wet and dry areas.

For a budget of around Php1.8 million to Php2 million, you can have this beautiful 3-bedroom house.