Many people have this wrong notion that you have to be rich to have a nice, stylish home. But you can actually still have a beautiful home, if you pick the right style and plan.

In this stylish but affordable 2-bedroom house, you get to have enough space for a growing family while still having some extra cash for other needs.

The house features two comfortable bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a large living room where the family can hang out.

While the house itself has a squarish floor plan, this provides an economical space to stay in while also making sure that no space in the house is wasted.

Entry to this lovely home is through a small porch decorated with bricks.

Brown brick-style floor tiles and brown wooden doors are in line with the simple yet stylish theme.

With a raised platform and a hip-shaped roof, this home features contemporary style that would fit right in yet also stand out in the neighborhood.

This house covers a living space of 73 sqm.

The double doors open to a spacious living room that features a floor tiled in white tiles and walls painted in white.

This makes space look bigger and allows you to decorate the space as you please, with any color scheme on the furniture and curtains.

The dining room shares the open space with the living area, while the kitchen is separated with a door at the back.

While simple this house still has stylish details like the lovely ceiling and the large glass windows.

The black baseboards create an interesting contrast with the white walls.

The bedrooms have the same large glass windows as the living area, but the floors have wood tiles.

The kitchen keeps with the wooden theme while the bathroom door adds interest to space with its lovely art.

Even the bathrooms look great in this beautiful home.