Set in the middle of the woods, with a beautiful mountain as backdrop, this stylish cabin-inspired glass house with bike themes look truly fantastic. But it can still look great in any neighborhood, without the dramatic backdrops.

The grey gable roof stands tall and matches the ribbed grey walls. But the house features plenty of sliding glass doors that open up the space to create an airy, bright home that wouldn’t need too much electricity to cool down even on hot summer days.

Though there are lots of huge doors, there’s still privacy in the bedroom. The living room is also stylish, with bike pieces used as art and display.

Modern Cabin in the Woods

This 1-bedroom house is small and patterned as a cabin but has modern elements that make it ideal for any location. Almost all sides have huge sliding glass doors so that there really is no need for windows. However, there are walls that are still made of glass, creating a window effect.

Set on a platform that also doubles as a deck, this stylish home is a great place to live in. This would be truly perfect to build at an area with scenic views. That way, you can admire the sweeping views even from the comfort of your bedroom.

The outdoor dining spot makes use of a tables and chairs made of natural wood that retained most of the log’s appearance for a rustic feel.

Beautiful Living Room, Lovely Bedroom

Eclectic pieces decorate the living room, with checkered tiles gracing the floor. There’s also a lovely Persian carpet to define the space of the living room while bikes of all sizes also decorate the area.

The stylish bedroom occupies one corner of the house, but even this room has large doors that directly open to the view.

The wrought iron bed looks fantastic. A lovely 1-bedroom cabin like this could be built for about Php600,000.