Looking for a compact design for a 3-bedroom house that still manages to remain stylish?

Look no further because this house design features all that – plus a carport that would perfectly fit your car.

This modern home features three spacious bedrooms that can fit queen-sized beds for the smaller rooms and a king-sized bed for the master’s bedroom.

There’s also an ensuite bath in the master’s bedroom while the two other bedrooms share the common bathroom right beside the living room.

A spacious carport is set to the side of the main entrance. A small porch makes a welcoming entryway that directly opens to the living room.

The compact design of the living still lets you put a comfortable sofa. It’s better to choose a flat TV for this house design and have it mounted on the wall, to maximize the space.

Part of the common toilet and bathroom takes up some space between the living room and the kitchen.

You can choose to retain this as a divider between the two spaces or you can move this to align this with the living room to create an open plan for a more spacious area.

The kitchen shares with the dining room.

Although compact, what it lacks in space, it makes up in its design. This stylish home features sliding doors with powder-coated white aluminum windows.

The recessed ceiling in the living room features a circular center light and some pin lights that are great for creating the mood.

The color scheme is elegant, but you can make this place more homey with cool colors on the walls and furniture.

The compact kitchen featured tiled counters, with an elegant backsplash. Doors on the built-in cabinets are made of wood that’s painted with a dark hue.

This charming home also has stylish bathrooms with huge showerheads and elegant fixtures. It’s a great choice for families.