Stylish Grey House with Nice Carport, Two Bedrooms

Building a nice house for the family often involves picking a design and size that will suit your needs. For most families, a two-bedroom house can be a suitable pick, especially if the kids are still small and wish to share the master’s bedroom with their parents, anyway. This 2-bedroom house features a large porch, nice carport, spacious living room, and a compact yet functional kitchen.

You’ll love this home, which offers two comfortable bedrooms.

Grey is used for the exterior walls, creating a no-nonsense look softened by the white trim and sliding glass doors. The modern concept is seen in the flat roofs and steel posts.

Large Porch, Modern House Design

You can upgrade the porch with nice tiles and some comfortable chairs to create a lovely spot for hanging out.

At one side is a carport for one vehicle, although you can also extend the roof to the same level as the porch to create space for two vehicles.

Spacious Living Room, Great Interiors

This house features a spacious living room that can look even bigger with the huge sliding glass doors that also double as one wall.

Although the exteriors are in grey, the interiors are in light mocha. Sliding glass windows also make the space look good. These neutral colors make it easier for you to decorate the house in the designs or theme you want because they won’t clash.

Lovely Bedrooms, Compact Floor Plan

There’s a lot to love about this 2-bedroom house, including its compact floor plan that ensures there is no wasted space.

For instance, there’s a small hallway that also acts as the modern kitchen for this home. It also connects the bedrooms and separates the bathroom set to its left.

Overall, this is a solid, compact house that would make a good place to stay for you and your family. This kind of floor plan and materials can cost the house to around Php1.8 million to build.