It’s great to see a lot of stylish, colorful homes these days because it shows that people are becoming more expressive about showing their style and passing in their homes.

In this stylish home with a loft bedroom, the exterior walls are painted in dark gray with some white trim, yet the serious façade is easily brightened up by the pops of colors that are visible in the interiors once the double doors are opened.

The first floor has an open plan layout for the common spaces.

This charming home also features a beautiful wood fence, a lovely deck, and a pocket garden.

Hangouts for Having Fun, Contemporary Design

There are lots of hangouts in this house, including a lovely deck that features an outdoor picnic set, another spot at the picturesque pocket garden, and the charming living room with its colorful throw pillows.

This home features a contemporary design that you’ll love as a primary home for a young couple or even for those who prefer to live alone.

Imagine the solitude in this space. You can even use it for your home office.

Modern Kitchen, Multi-purpose Living Room

Although this home isn’t huge, the owners certainly love to cook because care was taken in designing and building the kitchen.

This modern space features an industrial-style hood over the stove to keep odors from sticking to your clothes or furniture.

Like many modern homes, this house features an open plan layout that you can take inspiration from.

The multi-purpose living room looks great.

You can opt to pick a sofa bed for this space so that you have an extra spot for sleeping when you have guests around.

Loft Bedroom, Stunning Accents

At the second-floor section of this house is a loft bedroom accessed by a sturdy flight of stairs whose material matches the second-floor railings and floor.

There are also nice accents set in many spaces in the house, including the potted plant in the bathroom and the artworks on the walls of the house.

Be prepared to build this house for at least Php1.3 million.

Source: Tiny&Tidy House Philippines