With colors that look pleasing to the eyes and a stylish modern design, this house is certainly one that would appeal to many who wish to have a nice place to live in.

Lovely materials are used on the façade to add to this home’s curb appeal while lush plants and some cutesy statues are also placed at the front for accent.

The sliding glass doors are a great feature of this house, with stylish grills to keep the place safe. The sliding glass windows around the house also have matching grills that create a nice look. White frames are used around the windows, perfectly complementing the color scheme.

Modern House Design

This house boasts of a modern design, with a comfortable porch at the front and flat roofs that slope towards the back. Stone-inspired tiles are placed on the posts at the porch for added style while stylish lights are also picked for the front walls and porch.

The immediate area around the house is cemented to keep the place neat. You can always decorate this area with pavers for a lovely patio design.

Elegant Interiors

Ivory-colored walls and floor tiles grace this house, creating an elegant space that you can decorate to your preference.

This modern house features a flat-screen TV that’s mounted to the wall to reduce space. There’s a wooden display cabinet and some antique jars to add beauty to this home. You can also display art pieces on the walls.

Comfortable Living Room, 2 Bedrooms

The living room comes with an oversized couch set that can be reconfigured to become a bed at night. This would also make the bed a perfect spot for movie marathons in the living room. Stylish floor-length curtains are placed behind the main door for privacy. The curtains behind the couch are shorter but are made of the same material.

The kitchen is located towards the back of this 2-bedroom house that costs around Php1.8 million to build.