A home that you can be proud of, this stylish modern house features 3 bedrooms and a beautiful living room where you can all hang out and have fun. The house also has a nice porch at the front, with built-in benches so you wouldn’t have to worry about additional furniture.

This stylish home features cream-colored walls with various accents that easily upgrade its look. The porch has its own roof, complete with posts and semi-walls that don’t just support the roof but also makes the spot look nicer.

To the side of the house is an extension made for a carport that can accommodate 2 vehicles.

Beautiful House Design, Modern Home

Making use of stripes in different ways, this house has a beautiful design that would fit perfectly in any setting. It would look simply perfect at the beach but could easily hold its own among the big houses in a fancy subdivision.

The sliding glass doors are also stylish, with grids for added support. Around the house, you can also see glass windows framed in black, just like the front doors.

Beautiful Living Room, Stylish Hall

From the main doors, the living room is set to the left and looks so beautiful with its stylish ceilings. You won’t be disturbed by passing people while having a movie marathon because the spot is a room on its own.

The stylish hall would make a great spot for the dining room and provides easy access to all the rooms.

Lovely Kitchen

The kitchen is set towards the back and has sliding glass doors. The L-shaped counters have rock-inspired tiles, white walls, and brown cabinet doors. Lattice is used on the windows but you can opt to convert this to sliding glass windows.

The kitchen provides access to the back through a wooden door while the toilet also has wooden doors that make it more stylish. This beautiful 3-bedroom house was built for a budget of Php1.8 million.