This contemporary modern style house with 3 lovely bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is a great place that you and your family can call home. Designed with a modern shape and stylish colors, this house is built with 121 sqm of space to ensure that there is lots of space for various activities.

The base of the house is painted in dark gray color while the upper part is painted in a lighter shade of beige that looks closer to cream white. There are also lovely accents on the porch while the flat roof is perfect for this modern design.

Set on a platform close to 1 m high, this house stands tall and makes it appear grand.

Superb House Design

Shaped like a U, this house features a porch to one side and the master’s bedroom at the other side, jutting out to about the same position as the stairs. Sandstone bricks are used for accent for this beautiful home while small lights create a lovely effect at night outside this house.

The design is great, providing lots of space but also created in such a way that this house looks like it came straight off the pages of a glossy house design magazine.

Stylish Interiors

Just as the exterior of this house looks great, the interiors are also quite stylish. The walls are painted in white while the marble tiles easily complement the look in the living room. Huge windows grace the house, perfectly matching the sliding glass doors.

The ceilings also look fantastic, with an artsy design and lovely lamps to match. Even the bedrooms look superb.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathrooms

The modern kitchen features a grey theme, with printed tiles adding interest on the backsplash.

Both bathrooms also look nice, with a low partition between the wet and dry areas. One bathroom has squares as main theme while the other has circles.

This 3-bedroom house is big and was built for a budget of nearly Php2 million.