Fancy living in a stylish studio or just want a hangout?

This cute studio design is perfect for that or even something that you can rent out on AirBNB.

It features sliding glass doors on two adjacent sides, creating room for expansion or making the place look bigger.

Designed as a hangout for the main house, this studio is equipped with an oversized sectional sofa that can also double as a bed if you need to rest.

As the perfect hangout, this space features a flat-screen TV for movie marathons or even enjoying karaoke nights.

If you’d rather spend time outdoors, this studio also features a roof deck accessed through the spiral staircase at the side.

Lovely Yard, Modern Studio

This modern studio is situated at the corner of the lot, with a lovely yard filled with plants that you can admire. There’s also a footpath made with a mix of pebbles and decorated concrete to and from the main house.

The roof of this studio only juts out a couple of inches from the wall. You can opt to extend it or keep this design for aesthetic purposes.

Stylish Interiors, Fully Equipped Studio

It isn’t huge but this studio is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and fun stay. As expected, it has an open plan to maximize every inch of the space.

The areas of this house also have multipurpose options.

For example, the living room also works as a sleeping space or can even be a dining spot if needed.

The dining area also shares space with the entertainment center.

This lovely studio has a nice bathroom with modern fixtures.

Stunning Roof Deck, Beautiful Picnic Spot

It might be possible to build this charming space for less than Php1 million.

But be sure to use sturdy materials for the railings and staircase of the roof deck. If built and maintained properly, this spot can last a lifetime.

Photo: Awesome Philippines