A home that can perfectly grow with your family, this superb 3-bedroom house features colorful interiors and a stylish design that stands out from the neighborhood, especially at night when the colors shine through windows.

Just like most modern homes, this one features a sloping flat roof and a beautiful porch, with a built-in bench on one side. Steel railings are provided around the porch while sliding glass windows add beauty to this home.

The sliding glass doors welcome everyone to this beautiful home with its colorful interiors that warm the heart. There’s a carport to one side that fits one vehicle.

Spacious Porch, Nice Carport

A spacious porch creates a welcoming spot at the front of the house, with space for enjoying some afternoon snacks with guests or simply enjoying the view from the built-in bench. This design would be perfectly complemented by a beautiful garden and landscape.

At one side is a nice carport that’s directly accessed from the cemented driveway.

Colorful, Stylish Interiors

This house is a beautiful place to stay in. The main hall is painted in bright canary yellow while the bedrooms are in green or blue. There also lights that match the colors of the rooms, creating a unique effect.

Stylish interiors are found all over the place, with the master’s bedroom even having a lovely recessed ceiling that’s only often used at the living room.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathrooms

Yellow is also used for the modern kitchen, though grey tiles are used for the backsplash and cabinet walls. There’s a stainless-steel hood over the stove. This room also has plenty more space for a fridge and other kitchen appliances.

The two bathrooms look nice, with one in grey and the other in white.


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This 3-bedroom house is a truly beautiful home for you and your family, with a modern and well-planned design.