Standing tall on posts with a height enough for the first floor to be a multi-purpose area, this house is a good one to build near the beach or close to a scenic spot, even in the middle of a farm. The house is small and has space only for an open-plan living room that can convert into a bedroom at night.

A stylish cottage design makes this house stand out from the rest in the neighborhood – and the tall structure has a unique design that most people don’t use for their homes.

The balcony is perfect for admiring the surrounding view while the first floor can be great for family games or as a second living room.

Unique House Design, Lovely Balcony

The cottage house design actually looks great and would have been common, except that it is set on the second floor so you can have a better vantage point to admire the surroundings.

The exterior batten walls are painted in a beautiful shade of green while the posts, balcony railings, and stairs are set in white that create a stylish contrast on the outside.