Compact and adorable, this Thai-style wooden cottage is perfect for a small family or as a nice guest house in your yard. With its lovely design, this cute home is still something that you can be proud of while the front porch is a good place to hang out with family and friends.

Built-in a slightly raised platform, this home is a cool place to relax in. Enjoy a cup of coffee with friends at the porch or relax inside the 1-bedroom home with its open plan design.

The house is also set on concrete posts to guard it against termites and other wood-boring insects. Just make sure to check from time to time or have the wood treated just to make sure your house is safe.

Lovely Porch

This charming house features a lovely porch that’s made of wood, just like the rest of the house. The front porch area is beautifully decorated, with a backrest for sitting and relaxing anytime of the day. The porch area might even be a nice place to sleep in even at night, particularly if you want to enjoy the fresh breeze while you rest.

Made of wood, the shiny balusters have carvings that make them look more beautiful.