Dreaming of owning a villa that would look perfect right by the sea or close to a popular attraction or even in a modern subdivision?

Check out this house plan for a 3-bedroom villa that features dreamy interiors and a great façade that welcomes residents and guests alike.

With a Mediterranean-inspired design that also makes use of country-home styles, this lovely home features a welcoming porch at the entrance that wraps around the corner towards one side of the house. Perfect for relaxation, this porch can be fitted with benches.

This 1-story villa has large windows that allow natural light to enter – and the breeze, too! That means you can easily relax inside any part of the house without having to turn too many appliances.

The elegant living room in this beautiful villa is stunning on its own that you wouldn’t need a lot of decorations to spruce up the place. The bookshelf is even a piece of art, but you can click here for other ideas for bookshelves you can add to this spot.

If you’re wondering what makes this living room extra special, it’s actually designed with high-quality industrial wood materials laminate. This gives the place an artsy look, with a glossy finish that makes this place look like it came straight from the pages of a popular magazine.

The dining room shares a space with a well-equipped kitchen and could easily accommodate a family of four. Sleek cabinets with glossy finish make the kitchen look elegant.

The combined kitchen and dining room were designed to only occupy this much space so that there would be more space for the bedrooms.

While the living room occupies one corner of the house, next to the entrance, the three bedrooms occupy one corner each.

There are an ensuite toilet and bath in the master’s bedroom but the two rooms share the two common bathrooms.

This house really looks gorgeous, inside and out!