A house does not have to be huge to be perfect. That’s what a couple proved as they built a tiny 2-story home that actually has a rooftop. Not only is the house cute and livable, it has also become a tourist attraction of sorts at the locality.

Shaped in a vertical cuboid, this house is painted in green with white accents. The upper part is actually a rooftop that’s wrapped around with stylish bamboo walls. A rainbow flag flies up on the rooftop for the proudly LGBT couple who own the house.

It is impressive that the house actually appears to have plenty of space inside despite its tiny footprint.

Cute House Design

Built with a small footprint but with lots of vertical space, this house looks so cute and fancy even on the outside. Plant boxes decorate the front windows while the base also has plenty of plants, easily upgrading the look of this cute home.

Small concrete awnings jut out from the sides of the house to provide cover for the windows. These actually add style to the house.

Impressive Floor Plan

As expected, the interiors are small yet the couple planned a home with such an impressive floor plan that it fits two work stations at the tiny living room. Just like the exteriors, the inside of this house looks lovely. Painted in white, the walls make the space look larger.

Form and Function

At one end of the house is a functional bathroom with artsy decorations on the walls.

There are grills placed on the windows to keep the space safe, but the exteriors are made of wood and glass for added style.

The bedroom is set at the loft on the second floor. It features a cute porthole style window. The couple who built this house only spent Php280,000. Currently, it does not have its own kitchen but the couple plan to build an extension soon.