Do you want a house that suits a limited budget but still something that you can be proud of?

Then you can opt for a tiny house and make sure to decorate it so it would look great even on a budget.

That’s what owner Mafie Arias Clamosa did to this tiny yet beautiful 2-story house that features a minimalistic design and a stylish décor.

It has a loft bedroom, a lovely balcony, and a beautiful living room.

Of course, a small house like this might not be ideal for a big family, but if you’re just starting out or planning to live alone, this house could make a nice inspiration.

You can even see lots of design ideas for your interior decoration in this home.

Welcoming Porch, Beautiful Balcony

A house that plantitas can be proud of, this one features several plants that brighten up the space and makes the place look fresh.

Aside from plants, the welcoming porch also features an aquarium and a decorated light that’s likely to show interesting patterns at night.

The balcony at the second floor features a bench where you can relax, plus more plants.

Nicely Decorated Living Room

Although the living room only has a few square meters of space, it still looks spacious because of the reduced clutter. There’s also a carpet that defines the space.

Elegant floor-length curtains are hung on the windows while lots of art pieces are set on the walls. Like the porch and balcony, the living room also features lots of plants.

Loft Bedroom, Compact Kitchen Area

The loft bedroom is one of the best features of this tiny 2-story house. It has a sturdy flight of stairs and matching railings that protect this area. Just make sure the kids don’t jump on the bed.

Underneath the loft bedroom is the compact kitchen area with modern appliances to make food preparation easier.

There’s also a stylish bathroom just a few steps away.

It could take at least Php1 million (estimated) to build this house, although the final costs are always dependent on several factors, including the current prices of construction materials.