It is impressive how there are people who are able to create a tiny yet fully functional house with a beautiful design inside and out. Just like this tiny yet beautiful home with a creative loft and charming interiors that you can be proud of having as your home, whether as your main house, guest room, or vacation space.

Despite being small, this house easily stands out from the rest because of its cute design. Surprisingly, it still looks impressive even if the exterior walls are painted in gray, a color that some people might find boring. Perhaps the white accents and the stylish trim made a lot of difference.

Gated Home, Lovely Design

This charming little home features a fence and gate that double as the walls for the porch. If you were to use this home as inspiration, you can extend the porch roof to reach the fence portion to maximize the space.

A budget-friendly design, this house also features a sloping, flat roof and an open-plan interior.

Adding a table set makes the porch a great place to hang out and enjoy some afternoon snacks while chatting with friends. This spot would also be perfect if there’s a big tree at the front for a cool shade.

Charming Interiors

Having an open-plan interior ensures that there’s more space to move around instead of being restricted by walls.

Of course, in floor plans like this, the dining space can become an extension to the living room, and vice versa.

Even with the tiny space, there’s even a cute bar set near the stairs to define the space between the kitchen and living room. This place is well thought out and cute.

Creative Loft, Nice Accents

A creative loft is set on top of the kitchen area, creating a space for a bedroom or workspace, as needed.

What’s great about this house is that there are lots of nice accents that upgrade its look without making the place look too cluttered.

You can build this tiny space for around Php500,000; though the actual costs can vary and could be more or less than the estimate, depending on factors like your contractor’s fees, materials used, and actual floor space.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses