Not everyone has the luxury of building a huge mansion on a sprawling property. In fact, a lot of people actually own just a small parcel of land or could only afford to rent a tiny room.

But after seeing this tiny yet stylish house extension that comes with its own kitchen and bathroom, you will realize that it is still possible for a home to be so lovely despite being so small.

Building a Tiny But Stylish House Extension

Proving that this tiny house truly exists, photos of the construction were shared on social media to also serve as inspiration for others who could only build a small house. Take note that this house was only built as an extension; thus, one wall is already completed. But you can also use this design as a detached house.

Due to its size and circumstances surrounding the property, windows and exits are very limited for this house. But an AC unit can always keep this tiny space cool.

Compact Floor Plan

This tiny house has a compact floor that allows for a kitchen and toilet beneath the loft bedroom. These amenities make this house a great option for those who have to live in this place.

The door directly opens to the living room that comes equipped with sofa beds so you can easily convert the spot into an extra bedroom when needed.

Lovely Loft Bedroom, Stylish Kitchen

The loft bedroom looks fantastic and comes with wooden stairs and railings. There is also another tiny bedroom at the ground level, with a small window and an AC unit; though the highlight of the house is the cute loft bedroom.

This house might be tiny but it also comes with a stylish single-line kitchen and a lovely bathroom towards the back. Of course, there are lots of things this house might lack due to its small size but it is amazing for it to have 2 bedrooms considering how small it is.

Since this is just an extension, this tiny house can be built for less than Php150,000.