Cottages are a big hit for those looking for a budget-friendly home for their first home, or an elegant vacation home or even just a cute guest house they can build in their backyard.

You can pretty much build a micro cottage anywhere that has enough space because they don’t require much square footage at all.

Most tiny house and tiny cottage plans are less than 90 square meters and can be built even on a tight budget. These are becoming fairly popular as people are starting to declutter and downsize.

One great thing about tiny cottages that make them popular is the fact that they are fairly easy to maintain and doesn’t need much in terms of taking care of it. This makes it a more economical and easy choice for a home.

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The key to tiny cottages

The key to maintaining these tiny cottages is definitely organization. You can’t have a lot of clutter when you have such a small space.

You also can’t have too many things that you don’t need if you don’t want to have a house that looks stuffed.

One good thing about this is that not all tiny cottages will give you a cramped feeling. There are cottages that are disguised to look like a bungalow, and some that look like a barn, you name it, you can make it.

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Budget-Friendly Tiny Cottages And Log Cabin

If you are feeling a bit lost, here are some ideas of tiny cottages that you may get ideas from.















Source: House Plans

All you need is a little imagination. What do you need? A workaround that and think about how you need your cottage to be.