If you’re searching for a tiny home, there are certainly lots of choices and model homes for you to choose from – but this bright little home can be the best one for you. It features yellow walls with white accents, stylish interiors, a surprisingly large bedroom, and a cute bathroom.

Everyone knows that a house doesn’t have to be huge to be a great home. That’s exactly why this tiny home can be a gem for you and your family.

The downside is that it doesn’t have big spaces and lots of bedrooms to fit in everyone, but the living room can easily double as an extra bedroom at night. Just pick the right furniture that could be used for different purposes.

Bright Home, Nice Design

The bright yellow walls of this home make it stand out in the neighborhood despite its cute size. You’ll also love the compact yet nice design. Despite being small, it even has a porch at the front where you can hang out with your guests or enjoy a cup of coffee after a long day at work.

To maximize space, the house has a boxy shape and has sliding glass doors. There are also no windows because it’s fully air-conditioned.

Great Interior Design

The floors of this home are made of wood, creating an elegant look that definitely upgrades the look.

Cream-colored walls let you mix and match decorations or pick the curtain and sheet prints that you like. Having brightly printed curtains can make this house look less serious, yet you can’t also go wrong with elegant, single-color designs.

Stylish Bathroom Options

Space may be limited but you can choose from different bathroom options to match your cute little home.

Some design ideas put the shower area several feet apart from the toilet, but you can also opt to put the hot and cold shower beside the seat. Adding a shower curtain could do the trick in keeping the toilet spot dry.

A cute house like this would cost around Php600,000 or less to build.