Small does not necessarily equate to a claustrophobic space. With some tweaks in the furnishing, color selection, and organizing techniques, you can turn your small apartment into a chic spot.

You just need to have a vision of what you want and from there, start making changes to optimize your limited living space.

Check out these 8 awesome photos of a single-bedroom apartment in Warsaw City to help you begin with your DIY home improvement project. This tiny house has been spruced up by Decoroom designers.

The Open-Plan Living Area

The combined space of the kitchen and living room, divided by a dining table allows the owner to maximize the area. With white walls, gray color accents, vinyl flooring, and single sofa, the room exudes class, freshness, and cozy ambiance.

The Sofa

This peppy blue sofa adds vibrancy to the room, contrasting with gray wall backdrop where it is placed. The textured cushions with different patterns and the nice, large center table complete the look.

The Dining Area

The simple round table with four chairs becomes a focal point while acting as a space divider. The beautiful lighting fixture above it increases the charming setting.

The Kitchen Area

The L-shaped layout of this small kitchen guarantees enough space for storage and cooking. The rear wall and cooking counter utilize fabricated wood while the gray shutters of drawers and cabinets complement the element.

The Cooking Area

The kitchen countertop is made of premium fabricated wood. It features a metal sink for rinsing purposes. The gray-colored cabinets above serve as hidden storage that sustains the neat look of this functional space.

The Bedroom

The big bed comes with a quilted headboard in a pale blue color that promises a relaxing sleep after a busy day. The all-white walls with subtle color accents like the gray curtain, a floor lamp, and a small side table for scented candles, flowers, or books provide a sense of sophistication.

The Basin Counter

The white counter with wash basin and cabinets give an atmosphere of neatness and comfortability. The big mirror and white tiles bring a seamless impression of space.

The Bathroom

The white-gray hues of the living room are also reflected in this tiny bathroom. To maximize the space, one part of the wall has built-in cabinets with automatic shutters.

So, now you know that tiny living spaces have great potential. All you need is an inspiration and time to begin your redecorating project!

Source: Homify / Decoroom