We fell in love with this tiny home with stylish interiors, plus a beautiful outdoor picnic set right off the porch.

This place might be small but it’s certainly a great place to stay and hang out in, whether you’re using this as your main home, a guest house, or even as an AirBNB unit.

Although the space is limited, you can add a small kitchen to this space, with a stove and some basic cooking appliances organized on a single-line counter.

The exteriors of this home are in blue and gray while the interiors are in white and cream. The combination is actually good.

Tiny Home, Modern Design

This is a tiny home with a studio-style layout. While that kind of layout and space might not work for everyone, it can be a perfect choice for many people.

For example, many people only have a limited budget for a home – and this can be perfect as a starter home that you can slowly grow at the sides or move out of when your dream house is complete.

This tiny home features a modern design, with lots of sliding glass features used for the doors and the windows.

Stylish Interiors, Outdoor Picnic Set

It might be tiny but this home is perfect for hanging out. The interior is stylish and has enough space for a comfortable living room that you can furnish with sofa beds to ensure there are seats during the day and some extra beds when needed.

But you don’t have to limit your hangouts to the indoors because this home also features a beautiful outdoor picnic set at the front. Of course, the porch can also be the perfect hangout – just add some chairs and a table to convert this spot.

Depending on what materials you use to build this home, you can have this setup for less than Php1 million.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses