This might be a tiny house, but it has a large porch that easily makes up for lack of space and provides a comfortable spot to hang out where there is fresh air and natural light.

The modern design and its open plan make this house a great place to stay in, though it won’t have lots of space for your growing family.

Perfect for newlyweds or a small family, this resort-style home still manages to create a homey atmosphere and even encourages everyone to hang out together since there is limited space. The porch doubles as a living room while the interiors could accommodate the open plan bedroom and dining area.

Large Porch, Modern Design

The porch is so large that it actually has about the same amount of floor space as the enclosed portion of the house. This makes it ideal as an open area living room. Built-in benches ensure that you don’t have to buy extra furnishings while also making use of the space.

This house has the perfect blueprint for a converted container van but you can also start from scratch.

With mostly grey exterior walls, you can always opt to brighten up the space with colorful prints instead.

Open Plan Interiors

With its open plan interiors, this house would best fit multi-purpose furniture. For example, the bed could have built-in shelves and drawers for your clothes or you can opt for a bed that converts into a sofa by day.

Push the table up to the wall to provide more space in this house. Convertible or collapsible tables are also a good option.

The interior walls of this house are painted in white to make the space look bigger. You can also add a floor-length mirror to create the illusion of added space.

Nice Bathroom

Despite being small, this house features a nice bathroom with lovely tiles and a hot-and-cold shower. This tiny house may be built for a budget of around Php300,000 or even less.