A house doesn’t have to be huge to be fantastic – and that’s certainly proven by tiny houses that look amazing despite their small size. Take for example this tiny house with the most beautiful interiors. It comes with two lovely bedrooms, a resort-style bathroom with stylish interior design, a comfortable living room, and a small but modern kitchen. This house might be small but it has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

It’s fantastic to see that nearly every inch of this home is made of wood – it’s absolutely gorgeous! However, that can also be pricey, especially if wood is not readily available in your area. But the overall effect looks amazing.

Charming Little House, Nice Exteriors

There’s so much to love about this charming house with its nice exteriors painted in white, creating the perfect contrast to the gray roof.

While many homeowners try to avoid using white because it can be harder to maintain, the look of this house shows that it can be worth the effort.

This kind of house would look great with a porch at the front and a balcony or deck at the back.

Spacious Common Areas

The common areas in this tiny home actually look spacious. This appears to have been achieved by reducing clutter with fewer decorations and minimalistic furniture.

You can even put a sofa bed in the living room to provide extra sleeping space when you have guests around.

There’s a small kitchen in the space close to the stairs for easy meal preparations.

Stylish Bathroom, Lovely Bedrooms

There’s space on the first floor for a small bedroom, but the bigger one is set in the loft, which features wooden railings and, like the rest of the house, wooden floors.

The bathroom actually looks stylish, featuring a glass shower enclosure and tiles with a distressed effect that makes the space look even more glamorous instead of shabby.

Due to the wood and the quality materials used in this home, you might spend at least Php1.5 million or more to build this tiny home.

Source: Tiny House Attractive