With real estate prices soaring astronomically, many families opt for smaller homes that are cheaper to build and maintain than bigger houses. One perfect example is this tiny loft house with a beautiful design and a roof deck where you can hang out. The open-plan studio home has plenty of glass walls for added style.

The house is really just so simple, but the roof deck is its best-selling point. This spot would be perfect for relaxing after a long day at work.

The interior of the house also looks fantastic, with a combination of bricks, concrete, metal, and glass to create a beautiful space.

Great Roof Deck, Impressive House Design

Having a roof deck greatly upgrades this house’s look. Beautiful spiral stairs lead up to the roof deck. The railings around the deck and the stairs are made of steel and painted in black for a more elegant look.

It’s obviously not the perfect hangout at noon when it’s hot, but you can add some tables with built-umbrellas or put up a canopy if you want to do so.

Lights are set up for the roof deck so you can have a good time at night.

Studio Layout, Beautiful Interiors

Because the house has a tiny footprint, it’s difficult to put fixed partitions to create a bedroom. Instead, it uses a studio layout – and you can always pick a bed that transforms into a sofa during the daytime so it won’t take up too much space.

But you’ll definitely love the impressive interiors! The brick walls are stylishly created asymmetrically to create an interesting design along with the concrete walls.

The ceilings are made of wood slabs.

Impressive Kitchen

You’ll love preparing food in the impressive kitchen of this house. The U-shaped counters make food preparation a breeze.

Wood tiles are also used for the floors inside this house, creating a nice effect.

A house like this would cost around Php1 million to build.