When it comes to building a house for relaxation, nothing beats using wood. There’s really something about wood that makes it synonymous to relaxing and having a good time. That’s what you can get from this tiny wood and glass house set on concrete stilts over a swampy area. But this can also be good on solid ground. It features a wrap-around balcony and a lovely bedroom.

It’s a tiny house but it looks great for a couple or even someone who wants to live alone, in a place where there’s peace and quiet.

The swampy area at the back of the house is a big factor for the owners to have concrete stilts used as foundation, but you can also follow a similar design even if this house is built on dry ground.

Beautiful Balcony, Native House Design

Perfect for admiring the surrounding views, this house features a beautiful balcony with ledges that can act as built-in benches where you can sit and hang out. There’s no need to get additional furnishings for this balcony because you can just use these ledges as a bench or even a table.

The house design is native yet it’s also a modern home that features lovely glass windows.

Glass Doors and Windows, Beautiful Interiors

What makes this house different from other native homes is that it has glass doors and windows carefully framed by wood. The effect upgrades the look of this house into a classy modern home.

Of course, it’s best to put thick privacy curtains on these windows and doors, but aside from that concern, this house looks wonderful.

One Bedroom, Compact Floor Plan

This tiny house only has one bedroom, but the compact floor plan isn’t going to deter many people who might be looking for a small, low-maintenance home.

Because of the glass and the kind of wood to use in this home, it might cost you around Php150,000 to build this home.