Top 6 House Designs Less Than Php 1 Million

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Let’s face it. Many Filipinos can’t really afford to buy multi-million houses, especially in cash. But there are lots of options for you to build your own home from scratch, especially if you already have a lot.

The type of house you build, how big it would be, and what you’ll need inside would largely depend on your budget, but most families could pick any of these best house designs that you can build for less than Php1 million.

Take note that the houses on this list all have 2 bedrooms and one shared/common bathroom. But they differ in design and space requirements; however, these plans can be modified, based on your needs and the availability of space in your lot.

1. House for 48 sq.m.

With a floor area of 48 sq.m., this small abode is perfect for small families. Its elegant design features a welcoming porch that also doubles as an outdoor hangout for the family.

You can have this home for a rough finished budget of around Php576,000 to Php672,000.

This house ideally sits on at least 120 sq.m lot space.

2. House for 52 sq.m.

Slightly bigger at 52 sq.m., this house also has an elegant entryway. French windows would complete this lovely design, with the lot requirement set at 110 sq.m. It can be yours for around Php728,000 (rough finished budget).

3. House for 60 sq.m.

With an arbor to the side of the entryway, this home features 60 sq.m. of floor space in a 136-sq.m. lot.

You can also add a lanai at the back. For the basic home, this can be yours for Php840,000 (rough finished budget).

4. House for 60 sq.m.

Also for 60 sq.m., this modern home has a similar floor plan with House #3 but this modern home has an option for an upstairs porch.

5. House for 73 sq.m.

One townhouse in this row measures 73 sq.m. It does not require much lot space and could work with 80 sq.m.

The two-story abode can be finished for about Php876,000 to around Php1,022,000.

6. House for 75 sq.m.

With the biggest floor space of all houses on this list, this home features 75 sq.m. of floor space and is ideally built on 170 sq.m. of land.

Although larger, this house saves you money than the other homes in that it has a simpler design.

The rough finished budget still amounts to Php900,000 to Php1,050,000 for the rough finished budget, but that’s already a good one considering the bigger space.

Source: Pinoy ePlans, Pinoy Mariner