The exterior defines the entire house. After all, it is the outside that people see, the façade that gives people an impression about your home. While you can do a lot with landscape around your house, your home’s exterior is truly the one that best adds curb appeal to your residence.

There are so many options these days for exterior materials to use on your dream home. Modern homes could make use of architectural panels and tiles, but bricks, rocks, and other stone materials are great options that easily go well with traditional and modern houses.

Remember, your home’s great architectural design will already draw eyes to the building, but it is the exterior that would tell people more about your home even from the outside.

Check out these classical homes that feature beautiful exteriors you would surely love to have in your dream house.

As seen in the photos below, it is obvious that the home owners have thought these designs out to choose which exterior materials will work best for the architectural design of their home. The landscaping also complements well with both the architectural design and the exterior material, making these homes look more gorgeous.

You can easily draw inspiration from these traditional homes and choose which of these façade designs you’d love to have for your dream house…


















You don’t have to choose just one material for your exterior. It’s actually fun to mix and match the types of material for your exterior. You’d probably want to check first if the materials don’t clash with the design.

Aside from choosing the material for your home’s exterior, you might also want to make the roof material, the driveway pavement, and your landscape match the exterior.

Image credits: Architectural Designs