When it comes to tropical homes, one would really think of expansive spaces, lots of beautiful exotic pieces, wood furniture, and plenty of lush greens all over the property, both inside and outside the house.

Because tropical homes are often built in a tropical setting, a lot of homeowners choose to add water features to keep the home cool.

Adding a swimming pool and other water features do not just cool down your home and lets you enjoy a refreshing dip, you also add curb appeal to your property.

No matter what type of house you have in mind for your dream home, it never hurts to check out these superb homes where you can draw inspiration for your future abode. These are just some of the best houses in the world.

Notice the huge windows, the water features, and other great architectural pieces in these tropical homes below.

Malimbu Cliff Villa on Lombock Island, Indonesia

The Bulgari Villa in Bali, Indonesia

A House by the Ocean

A Zen Retreat

Oceanfront Villa in Phuket, Thailand

A Tropical Getaway

Orizon House

A Home in Maui

A Mansion by the Beach

An Old Tropical Home in Florida

A Home in the Tropics

Fish House

Distort House

Modern Tropical Home

A Contemporary Villa

A Captivating Home in the Tropics

Rob Giem Real Estate in Bayshore Drive, Newport Beach, California

Image sources: Architecture Art Designs