Living in this tropical house can be so good that you probably wouldn’t need to take a trip to have fun. It’s a design that would be perfect for a family home or resort accommodation. It’s slightly elevated and has an expansive balcony at the front. Sliding glass doors directly open to the bedrooms, while an impressive modern kitchen is set towards the back.

The tropical design is perfect for hot summers in tropical countries like the Philippines. Native materials are also incorporated throughout this contemporary home, including woven items on the ceilings and matching closet doors.


For added style, bamboo slats are also used as accents along the bottom half of the interiors.

Impressive House Design, Contemporary and Native Elements

This house was designed with contemporary and native elements, creating a beautiful effect inside and out.

It can truly stand out from the neighborhood, especially if you increase the elevation to provide a better vantage point for your beautiful gardens. The balcony makes a superb hangout any time of the year.

Instagram-Perfect Home

Whether you pick this as the design for your home or resort accommodation, this is an Instagram-perfect home. It’s perfectly matched by lush gardens to ensure that the balcony doesn’t get too hot.

The balcony is a multi-purpose spot in this impressive home. It can be a hangout, an extended living area, and even a dining room. Dining at this spot can surely make you feel like you’re always on a vacation at some exotic destination.

Even the kitchen is simply perfect for taking pictures.

Huge Bedrooms, Illusions & Real Spaces

Humans need around 8 hours of sleep per day. That means that we spend around a third of our lives just sleeping! So, it really makes sense that we pick beautiful bedrooms to rest in.

This house features huge bedrooms that have sliding glass walls that double as doors in and out of the rooms.

A house this grand costs at least Php2.5 million to build, especially with the amount of wood you’re using for the floors.