Not everyone gets to buy a square-shaped with ample space for building any kind of home they might want to build. But this does not mean that you can’t have a great home with the lot you are able to buy.

If you have a narrow lot, then it is a good idea to take advantage of this narrow design by building a house that is suitable for the space. This means getting a good architect to create a lot perfect for the narrow design.

Two-Story House with 4 Bedrooms & Roof Deck

Here’s a great example for the best design you can have for a 2-story house that features 4 bedrooms and a roof deck.

Great for a narrow lot, this house looks quite small when viewed from the front, especially because the width of this contemporary home is narrower than regular homes or perhaps just about the same width as a small house.

Two-Story House with 4 Bedrooms & Roof Deck 2

But viewed from the side, this house is long and actually features plenty of space inside! It would surely surprise your guests to enter your home and find that it’s much larger than they had expected.

The contemporary façade looks awesome, with the entryway featuring a flight of stairs that leads to the double doors. There’s also a carport to the left of the doorway.

As you enter this beautiful home, the doorway immediately leads you to the living room. In this house, the kitchen and dining are separate from each other and are located at the portion of the house at the same side as the carport.

Here’s the floor plan for the ground floor:

There’s a bedroom by the kitchen that’s the same size as one of the bedrooms upstairs. There’s also a toilet and bath under the stairs.

In this 4-bedroom house, only one room is located on the ground floor while the rest are placed on the upper floor. The mid-sized bedroom shares a common toilet with the smaller one.

The largest bedroom, the master’s bedroom, is set above the living room and could have a provision for a small balcony. It also has its own toilet and bathroom.

Here’s the floor plan for the second floor:

Two-Story House with 4 Bedrooms & Roof Deck 3

Based on the floor plan, the second floor also features a common area that opens to an L-shaped balcony.

A third-floor roof deck is also visible in this modern home, with a garden featuring some tall plants.

This house by Sam Architect (Architect SoPhoatToch) covers a total of 138 sq m. A roughly finished version worth around Php1.6M to Php1.9M can already be livable but the best, elegantly finished version of this home could cost you around Php3.8M.