Most homes make use of straight lines for walls to save on materials and build an economical, compact home. But there are homeowners who choose to be different and have a more interesting house design.

This contemporary house features lovely angles that makes the master’s bedroom appear to be a hexagon when viewed from the front. But from the side, the clever trick is revealed as the wall is actually flat up to the back. Yet the interesting half-hexagon design adds curb appeal to this modern home.

Unique House Design

The roof tiles look fantastic and ensures that this home is much cooler even on the hottest summer days.

Impressive Design

It might be small but this 2-bedroom house features an impressive design that you can surely be proud of. The welcoming porch has built-in benches on both of the shorter sides while the pillars are wrapped in shiny granite-inspired stone tiles.

The huge sliding glass doors have black tint for privacy but you can also add floor-length curtains.

Gorgeous Indoors

White marble tiles are used on the floors while the walls in the living room are painted in pastel blue. The living room looks stylish, with a nice recessed ceiling design that features gorgeous drop lamps.

Bedroom doors are made of lovely wood painted in brown while the kitchen door is set in white.

The two bedrooms in this house are located right next to each other, with the master’s bedroom set at the front with the half-hexagon design.

Stylish Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Granite is used on the countertops and walls of the L-shaped counters, creating a stylish look. The wooden cabinet doors also have stylish handles made from stainless steel. But the focal point, really, are the walls of the kitchen that have wood-inspired parquet tiles. Gorgeous!

This 2-bedroom house features 1 bathroom that comes with a huge showerhead and modern sanitary ware.