Most homes come in rectangular or square shape. That’s why unique designs like a triangle home can truly stand out. One example is this lovely triangle house that you can have as a vacation home. It even comes with lovely balconies to admire the view, a loft bedroom, a compact kitchen, and a bathroom with a bathtub. Wow.

Known as the “Casa Pondevida – Triangle House at DRT,” this house was built by two siblings for their parents as their retirement home. But since their parents aren’t about to retire yet, they are renting out the place as a vacation home.

Beautiful Vacation Home Design

If you plan on having a design like this, you can also have it as a vacation home for the family. Of course, it can also be a nice idea for a regular home, though many would opt for a more spacious design for an everyday place to stay.

This house has a rather simple yet interesting design. The rope slopes from the top down to the ground like a tent, creating both a roof and wall for two sides of the house. Its red paint also stands out.

Two Lovely Balconies, Modern Home

You get to admire the view from both sides of the house, thanks to two balconies where you can relax. Chairs are placed at these balconies so you can hang out. You can always put a small table for enjoying some snacks or drinks throughout the day.

This modern home makes use of steel, concrete, and glass for the best design. The entryway is filled with plants, but you can also extend it a bit for your home to have an extra porch at the front door.

Compact Interiors, Elegant Bathroom

Because of the sloped walls on two sides, space inside the house is limited. But you can adjust by choosing a compact layout.

This house features a living room that might also be used as an extra sleeping space.

There’s also a modern kitchen and an elegant bathroom.

Plenty of factors affect the house construction price, but you can build this vacation home for around Php1 million or less.